7 Pack- Reusable Jar Bags

7 Pack- Reusable Jar Bags

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Are you sick of a messy fridge and kitchen?

Reusable Jar Bags comes with a mason jar image printed on its side

It features a zipper-lock seal to keep your food clean and fresh!

Provides good sealing, it completely isolates your food from the internal and external airflow.

It prevents moisture and dust from getting in, extending the food’s shelf life.

This is not your ordinary plastic!

It is reusable so you know that you are helping the environment too!

The Reusable Jar Bags keep your storage in style while not compromising the usability of the product. 

Package Contains 4 Small Bags and 3 large Bags.

Small size:6.1*4.2in
Large size:7.6*5.4in