Bike Wrist Mirror (2 Pack)

Bike Wrist Mirror (2 Pack)

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The mirror is detachable and can be adjusted to suit the angle you require.

Made of high-quality breathable mesh cloth and elastic band material, it’s very comfortable to wear.

You don't have to worry about sweating during long distance rides!

You can check out the road behind you or incoming traffic without having to turn your head. 

Perfect for riding bikes and motorbikes. This can be used by kids and adults alike!

Provides a wide field of vision!

Quick and easy to wear, it won’t take long to get it ready for your ride!

Its compact design makes it easy and comfortable to wear. Besides for all this compactness, there is a pocket in the back side of the gloves where you can store your bills, coins, key, etc.

Get the Bicycle Wrist Safety Rearview Mirror now, and keep yourself safe on the road!