(3 Pack) White Bluetooth Earbuds

(3 Pack) White Bluetooth Earbuds

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Want a cheaper alternative to the Bluetooth Earbuds your phone maker provides, but without compromising on quality?

These Bluetooth Earbuds could fit the bill!

Looks and fits exactly like the big-brand Pods, it's a cheaper replacement to connect to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad!

It connects not just to iOS devices but to any mobile phone, tablet, notebook, or any other device! All you need is a Bluetooth connection!

Provides HD sound! Listening to your playlist will sound better than before! Your phone calls will also sound clearer and easier to hear!

Fits your ear perfectly, you don't have to worry about it falling off! Light and comfortable to use!

The built-in chip ensures that you get an efficient and stable wireless connection to provide you a better connection and improved sound!

The chip also manages battery efficiency, allowing you up to 6 hours of music!

Comes in a small, sleek, and easy-to-carry design! Easily fits in your jeans pocket!

You even have the option to charge the carrying case and let the carrying case charge the Bluetooth Earbuds while you carry it around, or you can charge the earbuds directly!