(3 Pack) Portable Steam Iron

(3 Pack) Portable Steam Iron

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This Portable Steam Iron requires no ironing board and with its portable design, you can bring it with you anywhere you go!

Perfect for travelers or as a replacement to your conventional iron. It is also safe to use for any type of garment.

The Portable Steam Iron is a multi-functional machine for ironing, cleaning, and sterilizing.

The Portable Steam Iron heats-up quickly in 1 minute to emit wrinkle-busting steam that lets you remove stubborn wrinkles from clothing, curtains, upholstery, bedding, and table linens!

A high-capacity, easy-fill water tank gives you 14 minutes of continuous steaming.

The turbo explosion steam produced passes through the fabric to kill bacteria and sterilize the area in between the weaves.

Use it as a traditional iron or as a fabric steamer, to relax the wrinkles on your clothes while they are on hangers.

You can even remove lint while you iron or steam!