(3 Pack) Magic Cleaning Brush

(3 Pack) Magic Cleaning Brush

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The Multifunction Magic Cleaning Brush comes in hand design, providing you exceptional grip!

It allows you to clean with a wiping motion, just how you would when you use your hand!

It is comfortable and easy to use! Simply slip your hand inside the cleaning brush, and clean!

Now, cleaning your bathtub, floor, sink, mirrors, and other surfaces feels like more natural!

The brush head is durable and provides strong detergency, giving you a clean and thorough wash. 

You don’t even have to worry about the Multifunction Magic Cleaning Brush getting mildew. Its special processing is designed to prevent molds and bacteria from forming, eliminating odor and contamination. 

The Multifunction Magic Cleaning Brush is made from Eco-friendly materials. It is safe to use, and when disposed of, not harmful to the environment!