(2 Pack) Hair Dryer & Volumizer

(2 Pack) Hair Dryer & Volumizer

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The 360 degrees swivel cord allows flexibility of use. A feature that professional hairstylists would definitely love!

Added with the lightweight design, it's easy to maneuver and control! Easy to carry around wherever you go!

This amazing product gives you the ability to style your hair faster for you to give more time important things. 

Protect and straighten your hair in minutes, now, with the Hair Dryer & Volumizer!

With the use of Tourmaline technology, the Hair Dryer & Volumizer uses negative ions to make your hair shinier and healthier!

The high-quality ceramic tips on the brush spread heat all around the surface to allow negative ions to surround each hair strand, and eliminate static and frizz!

The pre-set multi-heat settings allow for complex drying and styling for all hair types!

Built-in air inlet filters let air in to prevent overheating.