(2 Pack) Dishwashing Gloves

(2 Pack) Dishwashing Gloves

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Forget about needing a sponge and a pair of gloves when washing your dishes!

These Dishwashing Gloves works as a scrubber and gloves in one!

Comes with built-in bristles, you can easily wash your dishes by simply wiping them using the palm of your hands!

The bristles are soft and made of the same material as the entire glove itself. Pour dishwashing liquid on the bristles, bring to a lather and wash!

Makes washing dishes feel more natural! No more need to grip a sponge or a scrubber!

Now, you can wash your dishes with great nimbleness!

You also no longer have to worry about misplacing your sponge or scrubber, as it is already built-in on the gloves itself!

Protects your hand from dishwashing liquid irritation. If you're one of those who has sensitive skin, the Dishwashing Gloves is a must for you!

Easy to store, you can easily hang it! Makes drying faster too!